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Why Students Prefer Few Authors I.e. RS Aggarwal, R.D Sharma, S. Chand?

If you’re a 10 th grader or even a high schooler studying in CBSE curriculum, you definitely must have heard about books from RS Aggarwal, R.D Sharma & S. Chand.

Why is it that most students prefer books like RS Aggarwal, R.D Sharma & S.Chand?

The problem is that, NCERT textbooks explain concepts very clearly but fail to give practice questions in order to strengthen the students confidence and expertise in certain problem solving areas.

NCERT textbooks have only a limited number of questions to solve whereas books like RS Aggarwal, R.D Sharma & S. Chand have a plethora of sums and exercises to pick from. RS Aggarwal, R.D Sharma & S. Chand books have sums ranging from easy to moderate to tough questions pertaining to all the topics so that a student becomes proficient in all levels of the topic.

RS Aggarwal, R.D Sharma & S. Chand also explain derivations & theories in depth and detail compared to plain NCERT textbooks. Students can also find solutions for their NCERT questions in RS Aggarwal, R.D Sharma & S. Chand books.

These books not only provide the students with sample papers and practice questions but also with appropriate explanations.

Another huge benefit of having books like RS Aggarwal, R.D Sharma & S. Chand is that, they help in preparation for competitive exams like JEE, Olympiads and other exams. These books prepare you better for exams.

A huge plus point of having these books is that they illustrate and explain graphs, charts and pictographs very well compared to NCERT books.

When compared internally, RD Sharma book is in more detail compared to RS AGGARWAL and provides with various number of examples and practice questions and enables the student to have a great grasp on the theories.

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