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Digital Content for AP & TS State Board Syllabus

Smart Classroom /Digital Classroom Content is developed as per Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State Board Syllabus. There is a vast change in Syllabus of both state Board Syllabus. We have developed completely separate versions for both states.


Digital Content for CBSE Board Syllabus

Digital Content is developed as per CBSE Board syllabus and being used in more than 7500+ Schools Pan India. Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology subjects are explained using graphics and 2D and 3D Animations.


English language lab
Language Lab

Digital Teacher English Language Lab has been conceptualized and developed as per the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), and Cambridge English Teaching Framework under guidance of Cambridge English Trainers.

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Empowering Schools & Promoting
Innovation through Digital Technology
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K12 Education
Code and Pixels is recognized as one of the “10 Most promising K-12 Tech Service Providers-2017” by Silicon India Magazine.

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Quick Introduction to Digital Content

Features of Smart Classroom Content /Digital Content

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User Interface

Easy to navigate Graphical User Interface with navigation instructions

Plug and Play

No lengthy Installation process. Just in 2 clicks u can start the content


100% matches with the latest syllabus

Elements of Instructions

Learning Objectives, Unit Over view, Mind Maps, Concepts/Model/Activity/Derivations, Numerical Problems, Real life Applications/Uses, Summary, Assignments, Follow-ups , Assessments, Drawing Skills, Follow-up works

Digital teacher smart classroom features
Content Presentation

Rich Graphics and Animations (2D/3D), Videos are used for easy understanding of concepts


Separate section for Lab activities related to Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Voice over

Neutral /India Accent Voice Over /Narration

Navigation Features

Play/Pause, Next/Previous, Mute, Search, Index, Bookmark, Menu, Seek bar, Interactive White Board

Delivery Modes

Every Institute requirements are different. Looking at the infrastructure available with schools we are offering different delivery modes. Content can be delivered through DVD (1 DVD for each Class) USB, Single system Installation, Client – Server, Android App.


In this mode, Encrypted content is placed in the server and all the nodes connected to the server can access the content. In this mode 16 GB content is copied only in the server. All nodes connected to server can access concurrently.

Prerequisite: All the machines should be connected in LAN. Internet connection is required one time during server installation/authentication.

Server c

PC/Single system

In this mode of installation, complete content is installed in single system.

Personal computer


In this mode, content is available in Israel manufactured encrypted USB. Content related to classes 6,7,8,9,10 is available in single USB.

  • Prerequisite: USB port.
usb drive


In this mode, content is available in Israel manufactured encrypted DVDs. Content related to each class is available in DVD.

  • Prerequisite: DVD ROM to play the disk.


Android App:

Digital teacher Android App is available in play store. This APP useful for individual learning for students.


Thin Client

Our content supports thin client setup also, where complete content will be copied in server and thin clients will be connected as a nodes.

header thin clients

codeandpixels anniversary

Other softwares

Since 5 years, we are constantly updating the content as per feedback received from our clients also introducing other products as per the requirements of institutions.

Digital Teacher English language lab
English Language Lab

English Language Lab is a new product of Digital Teacher. English is a language of opportunities…

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Digital teacher english vocabulary builder
Vocabulary Builder

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Digital teacher human anatomy is for better visualization of the imaginary concepts
Human Anatomy (3D/2D)

Multimedia combines five basic elements of media into the learning environment: Text, Video …