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NCERT Books – Why Many Schools Follow NCERT Books?

NCERT stands for National Council Of Educational and Research Training and is undebatably the most trusted organisation by parents when it comes to their child’s education. Its head quarters are in New Delhi.

The NCERT Council was formed by consolidated seven national government institutions, namely the Central Institute of Education, the Central Bureau of Textbook Research, the Central Bureau of Educational and Vocational Guidance, the Directorate of Extension Programmes for Secondary Education, the National Institute of Basic Education, the National Fundamental Education Centre, and the National Institute of Audio-Visual Education.

The NCERT was established with the goal to design and support a common system of education which is national in character and also enables and nourishes the diverse culture across the country.

In the current scenario, many CBSE schools use just private publishers books and some schools use both NCERT and private publishers books for their own profit margins. Private publishers give the school a percentage of commission which in the long run sums to a huge amount because private publishers books cost a lot higher than NCERT books.

An NCERT book might cost around 50-100 rupees whereas a private publishers book costs above 200. This is to create a monopoly between the school and the publisher to make more money.

Historically, NCERT books are believed to be the standard books of India and are relied upon to prepare for many competitive exams post schooling too.

Many students absolutely love NCERT books for the simple language and jargon used. Ncert books do not have a hi-fi language that needs a lot of proficiency in English language. A layman too can understand the language used in NCERT books.

Another huge plus point is that the board exam question papers are formed based on NCERT textbooks and not any private publishers books. So, reading Just the NCERT books will be more than sufficient for the student to appear for the board exams.

Another advantage is that the NCERT books are designed in such a way that the topics are self-explanatory. A student can understand 70-80% of the content on his own by reading a topic twice or thrice.

NCERT books are filled with illustrations that help students in visualizing concepts better and effectively.

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