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Author Guides Vs NCERT Textbooks – Which one to pick?

CBSE, AP and TS Stateboard Syllabus

If you are a high schooler I’m very sure that you are torn between picking a guide or an NCERT textbook. Many students rely too much on guides and forget about NCERT’s and in the end they score way too less in the exams. Here is why we think you need to use both for scoring well in your exams.

Why you need to refer to NCERT textbooks:

  • You cannot leave Ncert textbooks behind when preparing for an exam because your final summative assessment or board exams are completely out of the syllabus in NCERT textbooks. There is no way you can neglect it.
  • NCERT textbooks are the standard books prescribed by CBSE board itself. How can you neglect books that are suggested by the board when you need to score well in your final exams.
  • NCERT textbooks every concept in detail even for a layman to understand. It has many higher order thinking skill questions and “do you know” columns to ignite your cognition.
  • NCERT textbooks are filled with illustrations and photos that are imperative for you to understand concepts better. Photos and visual aids definitely help you a lot in remembering and memorising topics for the exams.

Why you need to take the help of guides:

  • Though NCERT textbooks are prescribed by the board itself, they lack the number of questions sufficient for practice. A guide has many practice questions and solutions to help you practice and verify your answers well before the exam.
  • Guides have detailed explanations of graphs, charts and illustrations. Sometimes NCERT textbooks fail to explain graphs very well and that’s when guides come in handy.
  • Most guides have sample papers and previous year questions so that you can have the idea of your board exam paper and practicing them beforehand gives you a lot of confidence and reduces your anxiety before appearing for the exam.
  • These guides also prepare you for other competitive exams such as CSAT, CAT, IIT etc.

We hope now you understand why you cannot neglect both NCERT’s and author guides for your preparation. Relying on just one of them is definitely not a wise choice. Now you can make an informed decision.

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