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In this Post we provided updated Syllabus of Telangana Board 9th class English Medium textbook syllabus for subject wise syllabus includes all important topics in a detailed subject-wise, namely, English, Maths, Physics, Biology, and Social. This syllabus is very helpful for to all Private and Government Schools students can prepare their exams accordingly, If they have a idea about their syllabus it helps to improves knowledge of the subject. So Students have to prepare 6 subjects for the exams in 9th Class Public exams. By using “Digital Teacher Canvas” is an Online Learning Platform, All subjects are explained using graphics and 2D and 3D Animations. Students understanding level will be far lower than actual physical class. That helps students to understand the subject quickly through eLearning software. Easy to download, quickly accessible.

Telangana State Board 9th Class Syllabus for All Subjects

Here, Students can find the Telangana state board syllabus for class 9 English syllabus with Units, Chapters, Lessons Names: Humour: The Snake and the Mirror, Games and Sports: True Height, School Life: Swami Is Expelled from School, Environment: What Is Man Without the Beasts?, Disasters: A Havoc of Flood, Freedom: A Long Walk to Freedom, Theatre: The Trial, and Travel and Tourism: The Accidental Tourist etc. Find also the listed topics and subtopics names mentioned below in this article.

TS Board 9th Class Syllabus for English


Games and Sports:

  • Reading A : True Height
  • Reading B : What Is a Player? (Poem)
  • Reading C : V.V.S. Laxman, Very Very Special

School Life:

  • Reading A : Swami Is Expelled from School
  • Reading B : Not Just a Teacher, but a Friend (Poem
  • Reading C : Homework


  • Reading A : What Is Man Without the Beasts?
  • Reading B : The River (Poem)
  • Reading C : Can’t Climb Trees Any More


  • Reading A : A Havoc of Flood
  • Reading B : Grabbing Everything on the Land (Poem)
  • Reading C : The Ham Radio


  • Reading A : A Long Walk to Freedom
  • Reading B : Where the Mind is Without Fear (Poem)
  • Reading C : An Icon of Civil Rights


  • Reading A : The Trial
  • Reading B : Antony’s Speech (Poem)
  • Reading C : Mahathma Gandhi – Pushed out of Train

Travel and Tourism:

  • Reading A : The Accidental Tourist
  • Reading B : Father Returning Home (Poem)
  • Reading C : Kathmandu

TS Board 9th Class Syllabus for Maths

Telangana Board Class 9th Standard Maths Syllabus with Chapter wise, This TS 9th Class Maths Textbooks Syllabus will useful for the students to get good knowledge in the subject to prepare for final exams with excellent scores. Here, below you will see maths subject syllabus in a table unit-wise.

Unit 1 Real numbers
Unit 2 Polynomials and Factorisation
Unit 3 The Elements of Geometry
Unit 4 Lines and Angles
Unit 5 Co-Ordinate Geometry
Unit 6 Linear Equations in Two Variables
Unit 7 Triangles
Unit 8 Quadrilaterals
Unit 9 Statistics
Unit 10 Surface Areas and Volumes
Unit 11 Areas
Unit 12 Circles
Unit 13 Geometrical Constructions
Unit 14 Probability
Unit 15 Proofs in Mathematics

TS Board 9th Class Syllabus for Physics

The students who are searching for the Class 9 Physics Syllabus. Here, you will get Telangana State Board Class 9 Physics Syllabus in detailed based on the topics given below. And chapter names of the Class 9 Physics subject includes; Matter Around Us, Motion, Laws of Motion, Refraction of Light at Plane Surfaces, Gravitation, and more..

  1. Unit 1 Matter Around Us
  2. Unit 2 Motion
  3. Unit 3 Laws of Motion
  4. Unit 4 Refraction of Light at Plane Surfaces
  5. Unit 5 Gravitation
  6. Unit 6 Is Matter Pure ?
  7. Unit 7 Atoms and Molecules
  8. Unit 8 Floating Bodies
  9. Unit 9 What is inside the Atom ?
  10. Unit 10 Work and Energy
  11. Unit 11 Heat
  12. Unit 12 Sound

TS Board 9th Class Syllabus for Biology

Check the complete syllabus for Telangana State Board 9th Class Biology syllabus below for effective study of the subject. Digital Teacher Canvas provides free to watch 1st unit of every subject for FREE. Students can See the 1st unit of the 9th class (Cell its structure and functions) animated video for free. just click on the link mentioned to ts class 9 syllabus for biology. or by clicking on the link provided below. In 9th class the biology syllabus consists of 11 units: (i) Cell its structure and functions (ii) Plant tissues (iii) Animal tissues, (iv) Plasma membrane, Diversity in Living Organism. etc..,

  1. Unit 1 Cell its structure and functions
  2. Unit 2 Plant tissues
  3. Unit 3 Animal tissues
  4. Unit 4 Plasma membrane
  5. Unit 5 Diversity in Living Organism
  6. Unit 6 Sense Organs – I
  7. Unit 6 Sense Organs -II
  8. Unit 7 Animal behaviour
  9. Unit 8 Challenges in Improving Agricultural Products
  10. Unit 9 Adaptations in Different Ecosystems
  11. Unit 10 Soil pollution
  12. Unit 11 Bio geo chemical cycles

TS Board 9th Class Syllabus for Social

Here, you can find the chapter names covering the topics discussed in the syllabus for TS Board Class 9 Social Syllabus. Topics discussed in this Section are: Chapter 1 Our Earth, Chapter 2 The Natural Realms of the Earth, Hydrosphere, & Chapter 3 Atmosphere, and so on syllabus are given below.

  • Chapter 1 Our Earth
  • Chapter 2 The Natural Realms of the Earth
  • Chapter 3 Hydrosphere
  • Chapter 4 Atmosphere
  • Chapter 5 Biosphere
  • Chapter 6 Agriculture in India
  • Chapter 7 Industries in India
  • Chapter 8 Service Activities in India
  • Chapter 9 Credit in the Financial System
  • Chapter 10 Prices and Cost of Living
  • Chapter 11 The Government Budget and Taxation
  • Chapter 12 Changing Cultural Traditions in Europe 1300-1800
  • Chapter 13 Democratic and Nationalist Revolutions 17th and 18th Centuries
  • Chapter 14 Democratic and Nationalist Revolutions 19th Centuary
  • Chapter 15 Industrialisation and Social Change
  • Chapter 16 Social Protest Movements
  • Chapter 17 Colonialism in Latin America, Asia and Africa
  • Chapter 18 Impact of Colonialism in India
  • Chapter 19 Expansion of Democracy
  • Chapter 20 Democracy – An Evolving Idea
  • Chapter 21 Human Rights and Fundamental Rights
  • Chapter 22 Women Protection Acts
  • Chapter 23 Disaster Management
  • Chapter 24 Traffic Education

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