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Here, students can get the Latest Syllabus information about the TS Telangana State Board 8th Class Syllabus available here for free of cost with subject-wise English, Maths, Physics, Biology, and Social. These Syllabuses are done by the Teachers Of Telangana State Board Only.

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Also, students can See the 1st unit of all the subjects, for free. To get access you just need to click on the link below to get TS 8th class textbook syllabus content for all Subjects.

Telangana State Board Class 8 English Syllabus

Here, We “Digital Teacher Canvas” Are Providing the TS Class 8 English Textbook Syllabus for the Students lesson-wise in detail. So, Every high-school standard student of Telangana State can Easily get a Score in English subjects, by Preparing Through the Telangana State Board 8th Class Syllabus.

All Important topics discussed in this TS State Board Class 8 English Syllabus are 1. Family: The Tattered Blanket, 2. Social Issues: Oliver Asks for More, 3. Humanity: The Selfish Giant (Part I), 4. Science and Technology: The Fun They Had., and other details of the English TS Class 8 syllabus are given below.

TS Class 8 Syllabus for English

Unit-1 Family:

Unit-2 Social Issues:

  • Reading A : Oliver Asks for More
  • Reading B : The Cry of Children (Poem)
  • Reading C : Reaching the Unreached

Unit-3 Humanity:

  • Reading A : The Selfish Giant (Part I)
  • Reading B : The Selfish Giant (Part II)
  • Reading C : The Garden Within (Poem)

Unit-4 Science and Technology:

  • Reading A : The Fun They Had
  • Reading B : Preteen Pretext (Poem)
  • Reading C : The Computer Game

Unit-5 Educational and Career:

  • Reading A : The Treasure Within – Part I
  • Reading B : The Treasure Within – Part II
  • Reading C : They Literally Build the Nation

Unit-6 Art and Culture:

  • Reading A : The Story of Ikat
  • Reading B : The Earthen Goblet (Poem)
  • Reading C : Maestro with a Mission

Unit-7 Women Empowerment:

  • Reading A : Bonsai Life – Part I
  • Reading B : Bonsai Life – Part II
  • Reading C : I Can Take Care of Myself

Unit-8 Gratitude:

  • Reading A : Dr. Dwarakanath Kotnis
  • Reading B : Be Thankful (Poem)
  • Reading C : The Dead Rat

Telangana State Board Class 8 Maths Syllabus

Here you will find the TS 8th class maths textbook syllabus for free, Students can watch the first unit-1 of 8th class (Rational Numbers) animated video for free. Just click on the link mentioned to TS 8th Class Syllabus for Maths/Mathematics, In the below section TS State Board Maths Lessons of all important topics/sub-topics are discussed in detail. Some of them are Unit 1 Rational Numbers, Unit 2 Linear Equations in One Variable, Unit 3 Construction of Quadrilaterals, Unit 4 Exponents and Powers, and more syllabi found below.

TS Class 8 Syllabus for Maths or Mathematics

  1. Unit 1 Rational Numbers
  2. Unit 2 Linear Equations in One Variable
  3. Unit 3 Construction of Quadrilaterals
  4. Unit 4 Exponents and Powers
  5. Unit 5 Comparing Quantities using Proportion
  6. Unit 6 Square Roots and Cube Roots
  7. Unit 7 Frequency Distribution Tables and Graphs
  8. Unit 8 Exploring Geometrical Figures
  9. Unit 9 Area of Plane Figures
  10. Unit 10 Direct and Inverse Proportions
  11. Unit 11 Algebraic Expressions
  12. Unit 12 Factorisation
  13. Unit 13 Visualizing 3-D in 2-D
  14. Unit 14 Surface Areas and Volumes (Cube-Cuboid)
  15. Unit 15 Playing with Numbers

Telangana State Board Class 8 Physics Syllabus

In this Section main concepts of the Class 8 Physics subject syllabus, are explained in simple & detail. With the help of Digital Teacher digital education, Digital Teacher Canvas is an Online Learning Platform. The benefits of using Digital Teacher content is 100% mapped with the latest ts syllabus, The content is explained using graphics and 2D and 3D Animations. This will improve Students’ understanding level from Basic to advanced. See insight into important topics discussed in the TS Board 8th Class syllabus for the Physics subject including Chapter 1 Force, Chapter 2 Friction, Chapter 3 Synthetic fibres and Plastics, Chapter 4 Metals and Non-metals and more given in below table format.

TS Class 8 Syllabus for Physics

Chapter 1 Force
Chapter 2 Friction
Chapter 3 Synthetic fibres and plastics
Chapter 4 Metals and non-metals
Chapter 5 Sound
Chapter 6 Refraction of Light at Plain Surfaces
Chapter 7 Coal and Petroleum
Chapter 8 Combustion, fuels and Flame
Chapter 9 Electrical conductivity of liquids
Chapter 10 Some natural phenomena
Chapter 11 Stars and Solar System
Chapter 12 Graphs of Motion

Telangana State Board Class 8 Biology Syllabus

Telangana Board Class 8 Biology Textbooks Syllabus help students to understand concepts in a better way to get good scores in public exams, Biology is a quit interesting subject and the concepts covered under Class 8th Biology Text Book syllabus include Unit-1 What is Science, Unit-2 Cell – The Basic Unit of Life, Unit-3 Story of Micro Organisms-Part-I, and more provided unit-wise in the below.

TS Class 8 Syllabus for Biology

  • Unit 1 What is Science
  • Unit 2 Cell – The Basic Unit of Life
  • Unit 3 Story of Micro Organisms-Part-I
  • Unit 3 Story of Micro Organisms-Part-II
  • Unit 4 Reproduction in Animals
  • Unit 5 Reaching the Age of Adolescence
  • Unit 6 Bio Diversity and Its Conversation
  • Unit 7 Different Ecosystems
  • Unit 8 Production of Food From Plants
  • Unit 9 Production management of Food From Animals
  • Unit 10 Not to Drink – Not to Breath
  • Unit 11 Why Do We Fall ill

Telangana State Board Class 8 Social Syllabus

Students can Learn Telangana TS Board Class 8 syllabus through Digital Teacher Canvas Online learning classes, with the help of animated video content, at very affordable price. also students can see Digital Teacher Canvas Digital Content at their flexibility to Learn @Home, Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device. 7500+ schools are using “Digital Teacher” as their Technology Partner.

Here below we are Providing Class 8 Social Syllabus in unit-wise with lessons names. TS Telangana State Board Class 8 social textbook covers key topics such as the Reading and Analysis of Maps, Energy from the Sun, Earth Movements and Seasons, The Polar Regions, and so on.

TS Class 8 Syllabus for Social

Unit Name Of The Lesson
Unit-1 Reading and Analysis of Maps
Unit-2 Energy from the Sun
Unit-3 Earth Movements and Seasons
Unit-4 The Polar Regions
Unit-5 Forests: Using and Protecting them
Unit-6 Minerals and Mining
Unit-7 Money and Banking
Unit-8 Impact of Technology on Livelihoods
Unit-9 Public Health and the Government
Unit-10 Landlords and Tenants under the British and the Nizam
Unit-11 A National Movement – The Early Phase 1885-1919
Unit-11 B National Movement – The Last Phase 1919-1947
Unit-12 Freedom Movement in Hyderabad State
Unit-13 The Indian Constitution
Unit-14 Parliament and Central Government
Unit-15 Law and Justice – A Case Study
Unit-16 Abolition of Zamindari System
Unit-17 Understanding Poverty
Unit-18 Rights Approach to Development
Unit-19 Social and Religious Reform Movements
Unit-20 Understanding Secularism
Unit-21 Performing Arts and Artistes in Modern Times
Unit-22 Film and Print Media
Unit-23 Sports: Nationalism and Commerce
Unit-24 Disaster Management

We hope that this ts 8th class textbook syllabus for all subjects article will help students to achieve goal and find learning process effective.

Syllabus of Telangana state board and Andhra Pradesh State Board
Syllabus of Telangana State Board and Andhra Pradesh State Board

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