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Students who are searching for an updated English Medium TS Telangana board 7th Class textbook syllabus for all subjects. This is the best way. Here students can get to see the textbook syllabus for Class 7 of all the subjects-wise in a table or point/wise format. All students must learn every subject like English, Maths or Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Social Textbook Syllabus Online.

This is most useful as it helps all school students to get an overview of the concepts covered in the class. Our main aim is to help school students who are preparing for their exams.

Telangana TS Class 7 Textbook Syllabus for All Subjects

Where the teachers and students must know Telangana TS Class 7 Syllabus, starting before the academic year. Here, Complete the 7th class all subjects syllabus are provided free of cost with proper guidelines kindly check once! The subjects included in the Class 7 TS syllabus are English, Maths or Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Social.

The syllabus provided here will help as like tool for every student can easily gain knowledge for the final exams. also, ts-telangana state board students can get the latest syllabus of all the subjects updated as per the ts board guidelines. as well as we gathered information subject-wise for free of cost. for more, follow the below points.

Online learning Platform for Students Digital Teacher Canvas
Online Learning Platform for Students Digital Teacher Canvas

Telangana Board Class 7 TS (English Syllabus)

In this section we have covered all the basic topics and unit names of the Telangana State Board TS Class 7 English syllabus, the 7th Class English subjects include Unit-1 The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, Unit-2 It’s Change, Unit-3 Puru, the Brave and more below we have given syllabus details

  • Unit-1A The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
  • Unit-1B The Town Child and The Country Child
  • Unit-1C The New Blue Dress

  • Unit-2A C.V.Raman, the Pride of India
  • Unit-2A It’s Change
  • Unit-2B Susruta, an Ancient Plastic Surgeon

  • Unit-3A Puru, the Brave
  • Unit-3B Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead
  • Unit-3C The Magic of Silk

  • Unit-4A Tenali Paints a Horse
  • Unit-4B Dear Mum
  • Unit-4C The Emperor’s New Clothes

  • Unit-5A A Trip to Andaman
  • Unit-5B My Trip to the Moon
  • Unit-5C Sindbad, the Sailor

  • Unit-6A A Hero
  • Unit-6B My Nasty Adventure
  • Unit-6C Learn How to Climb Trees

  • Unit-7A The Wonderful World of Chess
  • Unit-7B Chess
  • Unit-7C Koneru Humpy

  • Unit-8A Snakes in India
  • Unit-8B Trees
  • Unit-8C A Letter from Mother Earth

TS Telangana Board Syllabus For 7th Class Maths

Telangana State Board Class 7 Mathematics full textbook syllabus with chapter-wise for Telugu & English medium school students. This syllabus is highly helpful for school students who are in 7th Class and can access all the concepts of Telangana class 7 textbook topics through this article. such as some basic topics involved, such as 1 Integers, 2 Fractions, Decimals and Rational Numbers, Simple Equations and so on syllabus are given below table.

Unit-1 Integers
Unit-2 Fractions, Decimals and Rational Numbers
Unit-3 Simple Equations
Unit-4 Lines and Angles
Unit-5 Triangle and its Properties
Unit-6 Ratio-Applications
Unit-7 Data Handling
Unit-8 Congruency of Triangles
Unit-9 Construction of Triangles
Unit-10 Algebraic Expressions
Unit-11 Exponents
Unit-12 Quadrilaterals
Unit-13 Area and Perimeter
Unit-14 Understanding 3D and 2D Shape
Unit-15 Symmetry

Telangana State Board Class 7 Syllabi For (Physics)

Those Students who are looking for the Telangana 7th class Physics subject textbook syllabus online can check the Complete Physics Syllabus with Units/Lessons wise we have provided below. So, Simply do visit here and start Preparation for your further exams.

No. Of Units Unit Names
Unit 1 Acids and Bases
Unit 2 Animal Fibre
Unit 3 Motion & Time
Unit 4 Heat Measurement
Unit 5 Weather and Climate
Unit 6 Electricity
Unit 7 Air, Winds and Cyclones
Unit 8 Reflection of Light
Unit 9 Changes Around Us

Telangana State Board 7th Class Syllabus For Biology

Most of the students need to know About the syllabi Before the Exam. That will help students to get more Extra marks in exams, With the help of TS Board Syllabus For Class 7 Biology Subject. The Syllabus includes details such as the chapter names and lesson names. You can find the complete class 7 biology syllabus given below:

  • Chapter-1 Food Components
  • Chapter-2 Nutrition in Plants
  • Chapter-3 Respiration in Organisms
  • Chapter-4 Reproduction in Plants
  • Chapter-5 Seed Dispersal
  • Chapter-6 Water Too Little to Waste
  • Chapter-7 Soil-Our Life
  • Chapter-8 Forest: Our Life

Telangana Class 7 Textbook Syllabus For Social

In the 7th Class Social subject units/lessons are included in this syllabus section Unit-1 Food Components, Unit-2 Nutrition in Plants, Unit-3 Respiration in Organisms, and so on. in below you can find the unit names that are covered for the Class 7 Social syllabus for free.

Students can See the 1st unit of the 7th class (Food Components) animated video for free. by just clicking on the link mentioned in the TS Board Class 7 Syllabus for Social.

Unit 1 Reading Maps of Different Kinds
Unit 2 Rain and Rivers
Unit 3 Tanks and Ground Water
Unit 4 Oceans and Fishing
Unit 5 Europe
Unit 6 Africa
Unit 7 Handicrafts and Handlooms
Unit 8 Industrial Revolution
Unit 9 Production in a Factory – A Paper Mill
Unit 10 Importance of Transport System
Unit 11 New Kings and Kingdoms
Unit 12 The Kakatiyas – Emergence of a Regional Kingdom
Unit 13 The Kings of Vijayanagara
Unit 14 Mughal Empire
Unit 15 Establishment of British Empire in India
Unit 16 Making of Laws in the State Assembly
Unit 17 Implementation of Laws in the District
Unit 18 Caste Discrimination and the Struggle for Equality
Unit 19 Livelihood and Struggles of Urban Workers
Unit 20 Folk Religion
Unit 21 Devotional Paths to the Divine
Unit 22 Rulers and Buildings

We hope this “Telangana Board 7th Class Syllabus for All Subjects” Article tips can be beneficial for students, and make a study schedule accordingly, to get good scores. Also, don’t forget to check the Telangana Board 10th, 9th, and 8th class syllabus.

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