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Here, we have provided complete English, Maths, Physics, Biology, Social, Syllabus for all the (ts) telangana-students who are studying in Class 6. Students can check subject-wise syllabus, which will help class VI students can easily understand the concepts better and prepare for their exams.. Our aim is to help school students by clarifying their doubts about TS Class 6 Textbook Syllabus. these textbook syllabus is free for Telugu and English medium school students.

If any Primary and High school students are searching for the online textbooks syllabus for class6 Then, you are in the correct place where you can get to know everything about subject-wise syllabus, Units, Chapters, Sub-topics and more details. Read below this page to find more about telangana board class 6 syllabus for all subjects.

Digital Classroom Software Telangana State Board Syllabus
Digital Classroom Software Telangana State Board Syllabus

Telangana Board Class 6 English Syllabus

Telangana State Board 6th Class English Textbook Syllabus, This is very important for the students can check the topics and sub-topics of the English syllabus consists of these units: (i) Unit-1 Peace and Harmony, (ii) Unit-2 Telangana, the Pride of the People, (iii) Unit-3 What Can a Dollar and Eleven Cents Do?, (iv) Unit-4 An Adventure, (v) Unit-5 Plant a Tree and (vi) Unit-6 Rip Van Winkle… Remaining syllabus in the below we have provided the Telangana Class 6 English syllabus details:

Unit-1 Peace and Harmony

Introduction – What is Peace and Harmony:

Let us now know about peace and harmony; Peace and Harmony are like the heart and calmness that comes when there is no fighting or war everything coexisting in perfect harmony and freedom harmony is the state of being in agreement to establish peace.

The Role of Harmony in Human Relationships:

As we are human beings we need to live and communicate with one another every day the quality of our life is much dependent on our relationships with other people without good relationships it is very difficult to have peace.

The Basic Things Required to Achieve Peace and Harmony:

Peace and harmony can be established by following five basic things they are:

1. Mutual respect for each other.
2. Non-interference in each other’s internal efforts.
3. Quality and cooperation for mutual benefit.
4. Mutual belief and forgiveness.
5. Care and helping nature.

  • I Want Peace
  • Grand Contest in the Forest

Unit-2 Telangana, the Pride of the People

  • In the Bazaars of Hyderabad
  • Bammera Pothana, the Jewel of Telugu Literature

Unit-3 What Can a Dollar and Eleven Cents Do?

  • A Nation’s Strength
  • Wilma Rudolph

Unit-4 An Adventure

  • The Naughty Boy
  • Tanaji Malusare

Unit-5 Plant a Tree

  • If a Tree Could Talk
  • Children, Speak Up!

Unit-6 Rip Van Winkle

  • My Shadow
  • Gulliver’s Travels

Unit-7 P.T.Usha, the Golden Girl

  • Indian Cricket Team
  • Ranji’s Wonderful Bat

Unit-8 Half the Price

  • The Sheik’s White Donkey

Telangana State Board Class 6 Syllabus for Maths

In this section TS Telangana State Board Students can check Here maths syllabus of class 6 is given below.., We have covered all the important topics for the examination, And chapter names of the Class 6 Mathematics subject includes Real Numbers, Sets, Polynomials and more chapters in the table below.

Class 6 Maths Chapter 1 Knowing Our Numbers | Digital Teacher
Class 6 Maths Chapter 1 Knowing Our Numbers | Digital Teacher
Chapter-1 Knowing Our Numbers
Chapter-2 Whole Numbers
Chapter-3 Playing with Numbers
Chapter-4 Basic Geometrical Ideas
Chapter-5 Measures of Lines and Angles
Chapter-6 Integers
Chapter-7 Fractions and Decimals
Chapter-8 Data Handling
Chapter-9 Introduction to Algebra
Chapter-10 Perimeter and Area
Chapter-11 Ratio and Proportion
Chapter-12 Symmetry
Chapter-13 Practical Geometry
Chapter-14 Understanding 3D and 2D Shapes

Telangana State Board 6th Class Physics Syllabus

In the below article, we have provided latest Telangana Board 6th class physics syllabus for school students. To get grip of subjects & It will also help Them to face the difficulty level of the exam. For easy understanding Here, Below we have listed unit-wise for TS 6th Class Physics Syllabus. Some important topics discussed in this Section are: Unit-1 Playing with Magnets, Unit-2 Rain: Where Does It Come From?, Unit-3 Materials and Things, Unit-4 Separation of Substances, and Unit-5 Changes Around Us.. And so on

The Types of Magnets:

Let us study about the different shapes of magnet in our daily life with the different shapes of magnets some of the usual shapes of magnets or bar magnet, horseshoe magnet, ring magnet, and disk magnet. Usually magnets are made of steel or iron horrible special alloys of iron nickel copper cobalt an aluminum can be used made into powerful magnets. Neodymium is the strongest magnet currently known.

Magnetic Objects: an object which is attracted by one pole of the bar magnet and repelled by its other pole is treated as a magnet similarly objects which are attracted by both the poles of a board magnet and not repelled by any pole are treated as magnetic substances but not as a magnet if an object is neither attracted not repelled by a magnet then we can say that the object is neither a magnet nor a magnetic substance.

  • Unit-2 Rain: Where Does It Come From?
  • Unit-3 Materials and Things
    Unit-4 Separation of Substances
  • Unit-5 Changes Around Us
  • Unit-6 Simple Electric Circuits
  • Unit-7 Learning How to Measure
  • Unit-8 Light, Shadows and Images
Telangana TS 6th Class Textbook Biology Syllabus

Telangana state students who are searching for the TS 6th Class Textbook Syllabus, then, you are at right webpage. Here Complete Biology Syllabus, with unit-wise provided below, 6th class school students can easily note imporant lessons and prepare for their exams to get good score in the final examination. All topics discussed in this TS State Board Biology Syllabus are 1. Our Food, 2. What Do Animals Eat? 3. Habitat, 4. Fiber to Fabric and other details of the Biology Class Telangana syllabus are given below.

Telanagana State Board Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Our Food | Digital Teacher
Class 6 Biology Chapter 1 Our Food | Digital Teacher

Food Ingredients:

Food ingredients materials required to prepare different kinds of food items are termed as ingredients in order to prepare a dish – or more than two ingredients are needed.
Example 1: To prepare boiled rice rice and water are used Thurs rice and water are said to be the ingredients for boiled rice.

Example 2: then you purchase the packed items like food biscuits chocolates or any soft drink then you will find their ingredients mentioned on their packets.

Source Of Food – Explanation

  • Generally we obtain honey from honeybees.
  • There are a number of animals from which we get different types of food we get meat from sheep and goat hence and roosters are used as meat or ( chicken )
  • Eggs are obtained mostly from hens.
  • We obtain different food items from plants. We eat different parts of plants like leaf of spinach, cabbage, and coriander plant, fruits of tomato, and drumstick, plant flower of cauliflower.
  • Table salt is a mineral which is obtained from the sea.
  • We obtain cooking oil from plants such as sunflower ground net etc…
  • We obtain sugar from stem of the sugar cane plant.

Unit-1 Our Food

Unit-2 What Do Animals Eat?
Unit-3 Habitat
Unit-4 Fiber to Fabric
Unit-5 Plants: Parts and Functions
Unit-6 Water In Our Life
Unit-7 Movements in Animals
Unit-8 Living and Non Living

Telangana State Board 6th Class Social Syllabus

TS State Board 6th Class Students can go through the Class 6 Syllabus of Telangana State Board Social Syllabus and prepare an effective study plan accordingly. This syllabus will help School students to get focus more, about social subject. Below we have added the Class 6th TS Textbook Syllabus of Social Subject. then they will have a detailed understanding of various topics & sub-topics of social subject. For easy and better understanding Here, Below we have listed with chapter-wise. based on the topics given below. And chapter names of the Class 6 social subject includes; Reading and Making Maps, Globe – A Model of the Earth, Land Forms of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Dokur – A Village on the Plateau, Penugolu – A Village on the Hills and more..

Unit 1 Reading and Making Maps

We know that a map is a visual representation of an entire area or a part of an area typically represented on a flat surface.
Generally maps tell us many things about different places like places that are near to seas mountains deserts and also about the climate of the places, vegetation in places, kinds of people, languages, etc,..

There exist multiple maps for multiple uses. To get all the information of a place we need to refer many types of maps like physical maps, political maps, historical maps, etc,..

  1. Chapter 1 Reading and Making Maps
  2. Chapter 2 Globe – A Model of the Earth
  3. Chapter 3 Land Forms of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
  4. Chapter 4 Dokur – A Village on the Plateau
  5. Chapter 5 Penugolu – A Village on the Hills
  6. Chapter 6 From Gathering Food to Growing food – The Earliest People
  7. Chapter 7 Agriculture in Our Times
  8. Chapter 8A Trade in Agricultural Produce – Part-A
  9. Chapter 8B Trade in Agricultural Produce – Part-B
  10. Chapter 9 Community Decision Making in a Tribe
  11. Chapter 10 Emergerce of Kingdoms and Republics
  12. Chapter 11 First Empires
  13. Chapter 12 Democratic Government
  14. Chapter 13 Village Panchayts
  15. Chapter 14 Local Sef-Government in Urban Areas
  16. Chapter 15 Diversity in Our Society
  17. Chapter 16 Towards Gender Equality
  18. Chapter 17 Religion and Society in Early Times
  19. Chapter 18 Devotion and Love towards God
  20. Chapter 19 Language, Writing and Great Books
  21. Chapter 20 Sculptures and Buildings

We hope! In the above article, we have provided simple steps to clarifying your doubts about TS State Board 6th Class Textbook Syllabus for English & Telugu medium School Students. If you need more Telangana 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Class Textbook Syllabus with animated video content. Please follow the below steps…

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