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License Grant

Company (Code and Pixels Interactive Technologies PVT. LTD.), Product (Digital Teacher – The Learning APP) grants You a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to install and use the Application on a single Mobile Device owned and controlled by You, and to access and use the Application on such Mobile Device strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions of this License, the Usage Rules and any service agreement associated with your Mobile Device.

Restrictions on Use

You shall use the Application strictly in accordance with the terms of the Related Agreements and shall not:

Decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, attempt to derive the source code of, or decrypt the Application;

Make any modification, adaptation, improvement, enhancement, translation or derivative work from the Application;

Violate any applicable laws, rules or regulations in connection with Your access or use of the Application;

Remove, alter or obscure any proprietary notice (including any notice of copyright or trademark) of Company or its affiliates, partners, suppliers or the licensors of the Application;

Use the Application for any revenue generating endeavor, commercial enterprise, or other purpose for which it is not designed or intended;

Distribute the Application to multiple Mobile Devices;

Make the Application available over a network or other environment permitting access or use by multiple Mobile Devices or users at the same time;

Use the Application for creating a product, service or software that is, directly or indirectly, competitive with or in any way a substitute for any services, product or software offered by Company.;

Use the Application to send automated queries to any Web site or to send any unsolicited commercial e-mail; or

Use any proprietary information or interfaces of Company or other intellectual property of Company in the design, development, manufacture, license or distribution of any applications, accessories or devices for use with the Application.

Company does not warrant that the Application will be compatible or interoperable with Your Mobile Device or any other piece of hardware, software, equipment or device installed on or used in connection with your Mobile Device. Furthermore, You acknowledge that compatibility and interoperability problems may cause the performance of your Mobile Device to diminish or fail completely, and may result in harm to Your Device, loss of the data located on Your Mobile Device, and corruption of the software and files located on Your Mobile Device. You acknowledge and agree that Company and its affiliates, partners, suppliers and licensors shall not have liability to You for any losses suffered resulting from or arising in connection with compatibility or interoperability problems.

Rights to Application

You acknowledge and agree that the Application and all copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights associated therewith are, and shall remain, the property of Company. Furthermore, You acknowledge and agree that the source and object code of the Application and the format, directories, queries, algorithms, structure and organization of the Application are the intellectual property and proprietary and confidential information of Company and its affiliates, licensors, and suppliers. Except as expressly stated in this License, You are not granted any intellectual property rights in or to the Application by implication, estoppel or other legal theory, and all rights in and to the Application not expressly granted in this License are hereby reserved and retained by Company.

Restriction on Transfer

You may not rent, lease, lend, sublicense or transfer the Application, this License or any of the rights granted hereunder. Any attempted transfer in contravention of this provision shall be null and void and of not force or effect.

If You fail to comply with any terms and conditions of this License, Company may, in its sole and absolute discretion, at any time and for any reason suspend or terminate this License and the rights afforded to You hereunder with or without prior notice. Furthermore, if you fail to comply with any terms and conditions of this License, then this License and any rights afforded to you hereunder shall terminate automatically, without any notice or other action by Company. Upon the termination of this License, You shall cease all use of the Application and uninstall the Application.