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Smart Classroom? Digital Classroom? 1980 Vs Now

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What is a Smart Classroom / Digital Classroom?

When technology is introduced in the classroom it is called technology-enabled education or education using digital Aids.
I am an 80’s Kid. I grew up in a traditional chalk and blackboard environment and being a topper of class, I was forced to sit in the first lane taking all the chalk dust onto my face and uniform. Of course, this does not have to do with this context, just I wanted you to remember that I grew up in the traditional education system.

English and Telugu were okay, but when biology, physics, and chemistry were taught it was a fun time for us. Because our teacher used to draw a diagram and she used to take 15 minutes and our class was 40 minutes duration. After drawing she could get only 25 minutes times to explain.
While the teacher was drawing on the board, we were busy with our in-door and on-bench games. Similarly, the same scene for physics and chemistry classes. Ample time used to go waste in the drawing.

Digital Teacher Smart Classroom Solution for CBSE and SSC AP and TS
Digital Teacher Smart Classroom Solution for CBSE and SSC AP and TS

Visual Learning’s Challenges in Traditional Education

Many times, we could not visualize what the teacher explained. Sometimes it was very difficult to remember too. Somehow we passed out and if you ask me, I don’t remember anything I learnt that time as it was never registered in my brain.
But, I can tell the story of Nagarjuna’s Shiva or Chiranjeevi’s Gang Leader Movie story, fully even though I saw it almost 25 years back.
So, is this because I lack interest in education? and interest in movies?

The answer is NO. Even though I had an interest in education, my brain did not register the subject. My brain registered only English or Telugu subjects as I didn’t need to visualize anything. In the case of biology, and physical science, I need a lot of visuals to register which was missing in those days.

Educational experts say that ninety per cent of the information we receive is visual, and the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. This was not the latest statement; it was discovered 50 years ago. However, due to the non-availability of technology, our teachers used to physically draw the maps.

The Growing Role of the Latest Technology in Classrooms

Thanks to the internet and digital gadgets, our children have got the best advantage. Some years back Smart classrooms and Digital classroom was a luxury and only available in fewer schools and there may be one projector per school. Now, Smart TVs are available at 12,000 prices hence many schools are having an interactive panel or smart TV in every classroom.
Every student can see Animated Digital Content with high-end graphics, images and voice-overs so that whatever the student is seeing will be registered to the minds fully thus making it super advantageous for them.

Internet Usage in Education

A few years back internet availability was too costly affair hence only a few kids had the luxury of owning a Student Learning App.

Thanks to many internet service providers, we are getting the internet for very affordable prices.

Online learning Platform for Students Digital Teacher Canvas
Online Learning Platform for Students Digital Teacher Canvas

Benefits Digital Teacher Canvas App: for Students!

Digital teachers have been empowering Students and educational institutes for a decade. They offer smart classroom solutions to State syllabi (AP and TS) and also for CBSE syllabi which match 100 %.
We are serving almost 6000 schools in India.
We introduced a learning App in 2017, and during the 2020 period, we have almost 50,000 students on board as registered users.
Thus Digital teachers is empowering schools as well as students. If you compare players like Byjus they charge around 20,000 but Digital teacher charges only 1949. Only.

Especially for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh boards students and schools only Digital teacher has 100 % matching content. Other content service providers are from North INDIA and they try to force-fit the Telangana syllabus with the CBSE syllabus. They have only 60% syllabus matching but Digital Teacher has 100 % syllabus matching.

That is the reason Digital Teacher is counted as the Number -1 service provider in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It is not an exaggeration but, in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, every school knows about Digital Teacher. At some point in time, they might have used our Digital Smart classrooms in their schools.

Call Us 'Digital Teacher Canvas App' for more interesting videos
Call Us ‘Digital Teacher Canvas App’ for more interesting videos

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