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What’s Unique About R.S Aggarwal’s Books?

If you are a high schooler or a college student with math as a subject, chances that you know R.S. Aggarwal’s books are for sure. But why is he such a famous author?

R.S. Aggarwal has authored more than 75 titles ranging from Nursery to M. Sc. He has also written books for competitive examinations right from the clerical grade to the I.A.S. level.

After 5 th grade, no school textbooks have worksheets or activity sheets to help enhance the understanding and assess your knowledge over a chapter. Also, as you grow up, NCERT textbooks tend to have lesser and lesser examples and practice questions each year.

R.S. Aggarwal book very neatly explains every derivation, formula and question in a very consolidated manner. It has tonnes of examples, practice questions and solutions even for the NCERT questions. R.S. Aggarwal’s books also serve as a guide to mathematics. You need not buy various books for mathematics if you have R.S. Aggarwal.

Investing in a R.S. Aggarwal book will never be of waste since you can use the book to prepare for various competitive exams as well. Many people love R.S Aggarwal’s books for their vastness. They cover all levels of sums from easy to moderate to tough. R.S Aggarwal’s book gives you a very clear step by step solution for each question ensuring that you understand every small step.

The book also provides alternative ways to solve one single problem in many ways. R.S Aggarwal’s book clears smallest of the smallest doubt easily.

However, if you’re a 10 th class student appearing for boards, please do not neglect your good old NCERT textbooks because the question paper is entirely based on your NCERT textbook. East or west, NCERT is the best!

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