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Your Child’s Digital Home Tutor

You may have given wonderful gifts to your child to make him/her happy. But this time, for a change, GIFT your child a ‘Bundle of Knowledge’ that will transform him/her from an ordinary student to a brilliant performer in school.

Awesome Features

  • Rich Graphics

  • Animations (2D/3D)


  • Videos


  • Drawings/Diagrams


  • Play/Pause/Replay/Seek bar


  • Volume/Mute


  • Real life applications


  • Follow-ups


  • Unit overview/Mind Maps


Why Tuitions

  • Tuitions are basically meant to recall the subject that was taught in the class.
  • Understanding ability of each student will be different in classroom. Despite sincere attempt by School class teacher, one student may understand 90% in classroom and another student may understand only 60% in classroom.
  • Tuitions are meant to fill the knowledge gap. Whatever student could not understand in the class should be covered in the Tuitions.
  • If “xyz” topic is taught in the School today then the same “xyz” topic must be taught in the tuition so that student will get 100% knowledge about the subject.
  • Some parents want to engage their children in a useful manner. Instead of wasting the time, parents prefer to have their children get involved in educational activities after school hours.


Where Tuitions are failing:

  • Child spends 8+ hours of his time in school with almost 8 different types of teachers to educate him/her. Each teacher has his/her own method of teaching.
  • As we have learnt, Tuitions are basically meant for revision of subject or recall of subject, what is taught on that particular day in school, but not to learn the actual subject. In the tuitions, the student is expected to recall what he learnt in the school.
  • But, Tuition teacher is repeating the same full-length class again in the tuition on the particular concept in his/her own way which will be different from school teaching in many ways.
  • The way, approach, method that the Tuition teacher delivers his/her lectures to a student will contradict that of the School teacher. This will confuse the student in understanding the concept.
  • If School teacher and Tuition teacher are not on the same wavelength then student will undergo huge mental tension and get into a confused state as to whom to follow and end up with poor learning.
  • If the classroom has 25 students, then tuitions are also having 10 – 20 people in one batch.
  • As a parent, the purpose of sending our children for tuition is to get personal attention.
  • In 10 – 20 members, how do you expect to get personal attention for your child?
  • At least in school class everyone is from the same class whereas in tuition 20 members will belong to different classes.
  • Tuition time may be around 2 hours. How much time will the tuition teacher personally spend with your child?
  • One teacher cannot handle all the subjects efficiently. You cannot expect a Tuition teacher to be an expert in all subjects.
  • Generally, Maths and Sciences are covered in Tuitions. What about other subjects which are equally important?


DIGITAL SOLUTION for Tuition Problems:

  • Digital teacher App is the only solution. DVD /USB versions are being used by thousands of children and now, Android based APP version is available for ease of usage.
  • Thousands of parents have trusted DIGITAL TEACHER and purchased to their children as a supplementary learning tool.
  • Computers and gadgets fascinate children. Instead of humans teaching tuitions, they prefer a gadget teaching them.
  • Theory and concepts are depicted in 2D/3D animations so that there will not be any misunderstanding of a concept.
  • Student can repeat the topics any number of times till he/she is satisfied.
  • Not only Maths and Physical Science but they can also learn Biology, English and Social Studies.( AP and Telangana Board)
  • The new education system allows students to write the answer in their own words about the topic rather than using the bookish language.
  • Once a student understands the topic, he can present it in his/her own way in exams.
  • Students can learn any time at any place, any subject, any topic, and any number of times.
  • Let us look at the financial aspect of this software. The Monthly Tuition Fees per student is Rs.1500/- (average). So, the annual fees is Rs. 18,000/. Digital Teacher is offered at Rs.200/- per month which for 10 months it costs Rs. 2000/- only.
  • BENEFIT: This amount is for five subjects which means you spend just Rs.40/- (Rs.200/5) per subject every month. And in the bargain, get the best educational platform for your child’s future.

About App

  • The conventional ways of instruction have always left a huge gap in teaching-learning experience isolating the teacher from the students.
  • A typical student may not properly comprehend and visualize what the teacher delivers in the classroom using words and static pictures without proper care about individual differences visualizing ability and the pace of learning.
  • In this scenario, a weak student is left behind and feels neglected.
  • Digital Teacher App is an animated, self-learning multimedia solution, which increases the interest levels and the retention power of the students.
  • Critical concepts are being developed and packaged using multimedia based digital solutions.


Working Demo
App Screens

DIGITAL TEACHER Learning App Prices

CBSE Board (Class 6 to 10 ➞ Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
Price Rs. 1849/- Rs. 1349/- Rs. 1949/- Rs. 1449/- Rs. 1949/- Rs. 1449/- Rs. 1949/- Rs. 1449/-
Validity 1 Year 6 Months 1 Year 6 Months 1 Year 6 Months 1 Year 6 Months

Telangana Board and Andhra Pradesh Board (Class 6 to 10 ➞ English, Mathematics, Physical Science, Biology, Social studies)
Price Rs. 1949/- Rs. 1449/- Rs. 2449/- Rs. 1949/- Rs. 2449/- Rs. 1949/- Rs. 2449/- Rs. 1949/-
Validity 1 Year 6 Months 1 Year 6 Months 1 Year 6 Months 1 Year 6 Months

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