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Code and Pixels is recognized as one of the “10 Most promising K-12 Tech Service Providers-2017” by Silicon India Magazine.

Our Products

English Language Lab

English Language Lab is a new product of Digital Teacher. English is a language of opportunities and it plays a vital role in acquiring life skills. Accuracy …

Question Paper Generator

Now-a-days, preparing an effective question paper is a complex, challenging job, whereas question paper generator makes the task …

School Management Software

In today’s world applications are the richest source of business value to the organization. The main goal of every business today is to maximize the…

Online Examination System

With the development of the Internet technology, online examination has become more and more popular since it helps people save much …

Digital Content

The product presents a Unit Plan to the teachers which can either be adopted as it is or customized as per their needs in the planning stage of the..

Basics of Computer

It is a gadget- driven world. IT has entered our daily lives and has become an integral part of our life. Every day, we hear about ….

Vocabulary Builder

Researchers have stated that vocabulary deficiencies are a primary cause of academic failures. Research indicates that low levels of …