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What are the positive and negatives of extra marks, Byjus, Unacademy & Digital teacher?

Buying something is very easy to do but it is equally hard to pick what to buy. Making choice gets tough when there are so many options when it comes to online learning applications. There are a lot of parameters to consider before buying an online learning app. Here are pros and cons of a few online learning apps that you could keep in mind before buying it for yourself or your child.

  1. Extramarks: Extramarks is a lesser known e-learning app unlike Byjus or Unacademy but it has great content for all classes beginning from Kg to 12 th. They also offer coaching for exams like NEET and JEE. Extramarks is available even for Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and other regional boards. Another huge pro is that extramarks also serves Hindi medium students as well. There are not many e-learning websites that serve Hindi medium students too. The one main con is that it is not economically feasible. They charge around 2000-3000 per month.
  2. Byju’s – Byju’s is undoubtedly one of the most famous online learning apps ever due to their effective advertising and marketing strategies. Byjus has a really wide reach due to all the various courses available on its site. Byjus provides you with courses even for IAS, JEE, NEET and other government exams as well. The quality of Byju’s content is really great and made in a very interactive manner. It is famous for well deserved reasons. The only con is that Byjus is really expensive. It charges around 3,000 per month totalling to a whopping amount of 36,000/- per year. A layman wouldn’t be able to afford Byjus at all. It is not at all an economical option especially when there are other such websites that offer the same quality content for much lesser price.
  3. Unacademy : Unacademy is the king of online learning when it comes to preparation for UPSC exams. Unacademy started out for UPSC coaching but now also serves the students preparing for JEE, NEET, SSC and other such exams. Unacademy is not specially made for school students though it covers entire NCERT books from 6 th class upwards. Again price is a huge hurdle. They charge about 80,000/- for the IAS tablet. Unacademy really isn’t the best option when it comes to school students.
  4. Digital Teacher: Digital teacher is a Hyderabad based e-learning company that serves over 6500+ schools and individuals. They have the best of animations to help students understand the topics better. Digital teacher provides both offline and online modes of e-learning. Digital teacher has both NCERT and state textbooks (Telangana and Andhra Pradesh). A huge pro of digital teacher is that it is a very economical option starting at 1,547/- per year and has a1 quality content. The only con is that it is not yet available for students from nursery to 5 th class in the online medium yet. Students from nursery to 5 th class can opt for the offline version.

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  1. We opted for extra marks. We were promised french, but not given. The course had to be personalized according to child, But it was not even according to school. Purposely dragged the 15 days refund time and after that refused refund saying 15 days have passed.

    • You can raise your complaint in HEad office along with all proofs , they have closed this B2C section. But I hope complaint is taken care of

  2. Byjus is by the way more over-rated. It has very much cons especially for live classes, where all students, may be clubbed together, belonging to any understanding level. For class 5 kids, the live class teacher was revising tables from 1 to 10.

    THat is a real disappointment.
    My kid is frustrated, because he is already aware of the concepts they have made videos and teach in live class.
    He wanted to have another batch, but that is not possible, as they do not grade students on their level of aptitude or understanding.

  3. Its absolute not worth it..!!!!
    The worse they don’t accept cancellation.

  4. I purchased Byjus tab learning on January 2021. Paid almost 65k for CBSE 7th to 10th std. My son first two weeks studied well , after that he feel many lessons in the book and byjus always not matching. He is interested to attend the live class and thats what we asked during buying. However the person who selected my son put him on the tab learning mode. It is the stupidest thing to have for him. I felt my purse merely stolen by BYJU’s gimmicks. Maths in Byju’s tab learning and class room is almost different. whenever he studies with it, he scored less than 30% in the class unit test. After then we requested to connect to the live class. they said i have to pay addition 6k per month for a period of year. I said we are not using it, so kindly change scheme to study learning class for the reduced period of time. They did not agree.
    Initially they very friendly to make us to pay 5000 rs to get registered and it is highly impossible to predict before 14 days. They do not have any interest other than looting money from student who thinks this tech study program would make difference in their career. They are absolutely cheat. I request do not join byjus’s. It is total waste of money. More than students develop eye weekness if they study longer time with tab.
    Finally it did not work without internet. We have be with children whether they are studying or watching internet. Byjus’ won’t give option of offline learning. They want to monitor student. But it is not helpful to us.
    I notice most kids using as an alternate to cellphone and start watching Youtubes and other stuffs on internet rather than Byjus’s material. This pushes to additional responsibility to parents to monitor their kids while they are studing in byjus tab. Instead if we sit our kid for one hour a day with his/her text book would be far superior and more importantly he/she is aligning with school syllabus. My only recommendation is don’t buy it total waste if you think it is going to improve.

    • Well said. I think we should sit with kids for one hour and help them to solve their doubt and give our life long lesson to them. we can be their role model. It will help us to bond with child as well.

      • but, all the parents are not educated to teach their kids.. by using such products.. there would be more benefitted by them… it could be better that instead of wasting money to buy lavish things.. they can spend some money to get basic education..

  5. Worst experience with Byju’s, we took Byju’s for my elder son, he used it for one month and kept it aside saying that it’s not worth to spend the effort and it’s not of much use. Again, we received so many calls from Byju’s for extension for 11th and 12th promising online classes..with their sales gimmicks we got into their trap buying for both of our kids. They were not able to create a unique I’d for each of them and my elder one has almost lost 4months realising late that the same classes were being repeated for him. When we raised the issue multiple times they were not able to resolve that due to their bug in the system and promised to shift him into aakash which was acquired by Byju’s, but we haven’t received any physical material of aakash, for 11th we left, but for 12th as well we haven’t received the physical material of aakash and he has to spend time on the system for his practice.
    WE DON’T RECOMMEND Byju’s BEING THEIR CUSTOMER FOR 5 YEARS, THEY ARE MORE FOCUSED ON ADDING NEW CUSTOMERS THEN PROVIDING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TO EXISTING CUSTOMERS. Its a pure business then service . On top of that we get all the spam calls from Byju’s and their allies which is irritating.

  6. Please dont fall on Byjus trap. Based on my experience , no response from Byjus team after payment . You have to beg for response.

  7. Whooping huh its less than 3 month of my school fee in 7th

  8. Posting this type of content, and sharing the information about byjus scam very good 👍 very useful content.

  9. Completely agree don’t fall byjus trap pehle dhyan dete he fir hath khade kar lete he. Paiso ki barbadi he. Please ek bar subscription lene se pehle review dekh le.

  10. Byjus is a total scam…They don’t have any method to sort out the problems…most of all they don’t understand the need of the students…they run that platform as some IT firm..

  11. Byjus is a total scam…They don’t have any method to sort out the problems…most of all they don’t understand the need of the students…they run that platform as some IT firm..

  12. Byjus is a total scam…They don’t have any method to sort out the problems…most of all they don’t understand the need of the students…they run that platform as some IT firm..
    Should have read these comments before opting for byjus

  13. Never buy the BYJU’S app 👎 premium subscription as all the study materials are available for free on the some other app itself ( i am a premium subscriber and now regretting on my decision the premium subscription of byjus is just for heisting… good at the first.. But as the time flows.. It has become the worst… And there are also so many ads that will be shown to you force fully that will distract you from studies. And also very few and cheap study material. So, Please Suggest me a app with low budget for my 10th class CBSE,…

  14. Your article said very well, byjus are selling the product by convincing the parents in many ways. Sir, your information is accurate 👍 keep posting! like these informative post’s 👏👏👏

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