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What We Learn in EVS of Class 1,2,3,4 and Class 5

EVS stands for environmental studies and it’s a very vital part of the curriculum of students below 6th grade. EVS has topics related to both social and natural sciences combined in a very malleable way so that young minds understand it well without much difficulty.

In class I of EVS, children are taught about their body, human needs like food, water and shelter, family and festivals, means of transport and road safety, plants and animals around us, neighbourhood, the earth and the sky and good habits for safety.

In class II of EVS, The students are taught about the invention of the wheel, good habits, means of communication, clothes, the world around us, directions, houses, services, time, air, water, food, shelter, means of transport and family.

In class III of EVS, students are taught about plants, water, home, food we eat, body language, rain, travelling, making pots, families, clothes and sharing our feelings.

In class IV of EVS cbse syllabus, students are taught about markets, surroundings, families, nature, changing times, water bodies, farming, cities and water resources.

In class V of EVS, students are taught about family, relationships, shifting from one place to another, identifying people by their physical appearance, likes and dislikes of colours and foods. It covers various modules on breathing. It also covers the topic of labour dependence in society. In class 5, students are also taught about animals, the protection of wildlife, tribes, shifting cultivation, plants, seed germination, deforestation etc. It very aptly covers topics on food and its wastage and famines, shelter, social behaviour of ants as well.

Many topics might seem very repetitive but we can assure you that the degree of teaching is different for each class. At every stage, students learn something new and unknown and their curiosity too is always increased from class to class.

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