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How to Choose Which Learning App is Best for NCERT Syllabus?

Every day, there are tonnes of apps coming up for education. Apps like Ted ed, Skill share and coursera are gaining a lot of demand for their attractive and effective courses.

But when it comes to choosing a learning app for a school student, there are different parameters that you need to consider. In this article you will read about what are the parameters you need to consider before subscribing to an e-learning app.

  1. Availability of all subjects : The foremost thing that you need to consider before buying a learning app for NCERT syllabus is to see whether it gives you all the subjects or not. You really cannot rely on different apps for different subjects. It will not only burn a hole in your pocket but it will also make your online learning experience very chaotic. So please check if the learning app for NCERT syllabus that you want to buy offers you all the subjects or not.
  2. Assessment modules: To understand whether or not you understood a topic promptly, it is mandatory that you take a test or a quiz. Thus it is very important that you check for an online learning app for NCERT syllabus that also provides assessment modules towards the end of each chapter so that you can check for yourself if you’ve understood a topic well.
  3. Impressive visuals : It is very important to check whether or not your learning app delivers impressive visuals because without good visuals you will not find an interest in listening to the classes. Poor visuals will affect your retention power. Great visuals will undoubtedly help you memorizing subjects better. So without fail choose a learning app for NCERT syllabus that has great visuals.
  4. Availability of good customer service: Imagine you have concerns or a trouble with your learning app and if your learning apps customer service is being very unresponsive – this will get you very irritated right? Thus, its mandatory that you pick a learning app that has responsive and swift customer service.
  5. Syllabus : You cannot be an NCERT student choosing state syllabus. That is why you need to be careful about which syllabus you’re picking while choosing an e-learning app.
  6. Economically feasible: Learning should never come at a price. Education must not burn a hole in your pocket. Choosing an e-learning app that is very expensive is not a very sustainable solution for your wallet. That is why it is super important that you pick an option that is economically feasible in the long run.

If you’re looking for an app that satisfies all the above mentioned points, please checkout and to get a well-rounded idea of our learning app. Digital teacher has served over 6500 schools in India with online learning facilities.

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