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Why students go for Guides? Do guides really Guide?

Why students go for Guides? Do guides really Guide?

So many students in high school rely on guides for their cognitive needs and to prepare for their board exams. But are guides really necessary? Do they really help? Read the entire article to know more.

  1. One of the many reasons why students have to pick guides is because of the limited questions and examples in NCERT textbooks. Yes definitely NCERT textbooks are supposed to be the whole and soul source of your preparation, I highly feel that preparing just from the NCERTS is not enough. Guides have a plethora of sums solved in order to help us learn concepts better. They also covers all the NCERT questions as well so we can completely rely on guide books for the boards as well.
  2. The way the concepts are presented in guides are excellent. Each topic is presented in a very concise yet aptly serves its purpose. Explanations are not dragged and to the point and perfectly do the job explaining you the topic. The illustrations and graphics present in the guides are exceptional.
  3. Guides have enough questions for you to practice until you gain mastery in it. They will serve you well for the entire academic year until your boards and help you gain a lot of grip over a topic.
  4. Guides also prepare you well for competitive exams such as NTSE, Olympiads, CSAT and IIT as well. They explain everything in detail right from the beginning.
  5. Guides prepare you for more than just school exams.
  6. You can refer to the solutions in guides whenever you miss out on notes given by the teacher in class.
  7. Whenever you don’t have the access to a teacher or a tutor, guides help you a lot in understanding basic concepts.

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