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Why Learning Apps Have Become Saviours for Students?

With the corona virus taking over the world it can aptly be said that learning apps have become saviours for students.

It has been more than 6 months since the lockdown started and even though most schools have online classes, students all over the world are turning to e-learning websites for their education and cognitive needs.

Learning apps like Khan academy and Byjus have become saviours for students because students are unable to understand online classes on zoom. Most online classes face the issue of connectivity of internet and many students miss out on the explanations. Whereas on online learning apps, students can pause and repeat the content how many ever times as they want.

Students and connect to the internet as per their wish and listen to the online classes as per their convenience without having to adhere to any specific timings. Students can also rewind and listen to the classes again when using a learning app and this is the biggest perk of learning on an online website. In traditional classes or zoom classes, if you have a doubt or if you missed out on a certain topic there is no option to rewind and listen to it again.

It can also be said that learning apps have become saviours for students because of the understandability. There are many topics that cannot be explained with the help of whiteboard and marker. You need more than just that to reach out to the students mind.

Online learning apps can explain complex of the complex topics with catchy illustrations and effective animations.

Learning apps have become saviours for student even in terms of saving time. A teacher might take 1 hour to explain a complex topic but online learning apps would only take 30-45 mins because of the self-explanatory visuals and animations provided.

Many researches have also proven that studying with good virtual examples can retain the students memory better.

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  1. The resources and linked articles for the course were of a very high quality – and seemed to have good currency still too – which is great this is not just an online MOOC that has been set up and left to run out of its usefulness, it was still current and helpful.

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