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Where Do We Use Trigonometry, Electricity, Quadratic Equations Learnt in Class 7th 8th 9th. In Real Life.

When I was a student, I’d often get frustrated with subjects like mathematics and physics. I would always question myself if I was doing anything productive by learning and practicing formulae of trigonometry and concepts like electricity.

However, as I grew up, I realised that each chapter mentioned in the textbook has a purpose of its own and teaches us something or the other that has an application in real life.


Trigonometry is the study of relationship between lengths, heights and angles. The field emerged in the Hellenistic world during the 3rd century BC from applications of geometry to astronomical studies. Trigono means triangle in Greek and metron means to measure.

Trigonometry has its applications in various fields such as architecture, surveying, astronomy, physics, engineering and even in solving criminal cases.

Trigonometry is also used to calculate the tides in oceanography..

Trigonometry is also used in other spheres of life that we love so much like music. It helps in calculating the sound waves too. A computer cannot obviously listen to and comprehend music as we do, so computers represent it mathematically by its constituent sound waves. And this means sound engineers need to know at least the basics of trigonometry. And the good music that these sound engineers produce is used to calm us from our hectic, stress full life – All thanks to trigonometry.

Quadratic equations:

Just like trigonometry, we use quadratic equations too in real life for even small things like calculating profits and distance. People frequently need to calculate the area of rooms, boxes or plots of land. An example might involve building a rectangular box where one side must be twice the length of the other side.


Can you imagine the world without electricity? I’m sure your answer would be a big No. Thus, that important electricity is to us. We need to study electricity to master various areas of living such as entertainment, healthcare, engineering, fuel, space, transport and communication etc.

You cannot watch your tv or read your books without the help of electricity. Even if you need to buy a bulb, you need to know the watt amount. Surgeons cannot perform surgeries without electricity. You need electricity to mow the lawn as well. I hope you understand how important electricity as a chapter is now.

Everything you learn in school has a purpose so do not think that the lessons you study in school don’t come in handy after you leave school.

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