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Do We Really Need to Focus on Only Important Questions for Class 9th & Class 8th for Science and Maths?

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Important questions for 8th and 9th class are one of the most commonly googled terms online. But why do students google about important questions?

Students google for important questions so that they can prepare for their exams with really minimum effort and save time. But the question is that if important questions are really enough to prepare for the board exams.

I personally believe that there are no shortcuts to success and studying only important questions for class 9th & class 8th for science and maths is a recipe for disaster.

CBSE board is really smart. It is not really easy to hack your way into the CBSE board liking your answers without putting minimum effort. And also the board is very creative with their questions always seeking to bring out the higher order thinking skills of the students.

If you study or focus on just the important questions for 9 th class & 8th class for science and maths, there is huge possibility that you might not be perfect with all the other concepts.

Class 8 and 9 are very crucial years and act as a bridge to class 10, 11 and 12. Thus it is very important to be thorough with all the topics in the textbooks irrespective of their importance.

Solving important questions is imperative but that’s not sufficient. I personally believe that it is important to be thorough with the entire textbook in order to attempt the summative assessments.

Finish revising your entire textbook atleast thrice and only then focus on the important questions. This way you will be thorough with the entire syllabus.

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  2. I also appreciate the security it provides for myself and my students

  3. Looking great work , I really appreciated to you on this quality work. Nice post!! these tips may help me for future.

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