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Is It Really Required to Introduce Worksheets to Them?

Ever since the pandemic started, there has been in a surge in the demand for worksheets and other such online resources to help students study. People have been searching for worksheets for even nursery students. The thought of giving nursery kids worksheets tickled my mind but in retrospection I felt that it. Is okay to give them the worksheets. Here is what I have to say.

  1. Worksheets are a fun way to engage students. Remember when we were in school and teachers gave us worksheets for the weekend? We would all be so excited to finish the worksheet and submit it. Same applies in the case of nursery students. Worksheets are great way to engage and keep the kids connected to their books during this pandemic time. Schools have been shut close for more than 6 months now and worksheets will definitely keep the students engaged.
  2. Worksheets serve as mock tests and exams. The pattern of the worksheets for nursery kids is pretty much the same as the exam question papers. Thus, solving math worksheets will help nursery kids to have a practice at attempting the exam beforehand.
  3. For teachers, Worksheets are a great way to assess the students’ knowledge and understanding of a topic. If you are a teacher wondering whether or not to give your nursery students worksheets, here is why we think you should. The answers that the students give on the worksheets will help you understand how much of syllabus the students have understood and it will help you in improving your teaching methods.
  4. Worksheets will enable nursery students to get practice before attempting the final exams. Solving worksheets will ensure that the kids get ample practice before appearing for the final exam.
  5. Many nursery children do not have the attention span to sit down for an exam. Solving worksheets will definitely give them the time to adjust and sit entirely for the actual exam.

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