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The future of K 12 education: Smart learning/ Smart class

Digital Teacher Smart Classroom Solution

The contribution of online education to society can’t be ignored. The huge amount of opportunities provided by online educational tools is making the society better skilled, adaptive and creative. Thus, the future of K 12 education lies most assuredly online. In that respect what about the classroom? Is there a reason to keep the physical classroom in the future?

Many people consider classroom-based education as more tactile and interactive. But there are lots of issues directly related to the physical learning process. Some of the key drawbacks are discussed below:

• Flexibility: As students can choose their time of study so smart learning enables the students to optimize their study time rather than receiving a predetermined time for learning.

• Personalization: A physical classroom can increase personalized attention from teachers whereas in smart class teachers can easily gain insight about who is struggling with the concept.

• Freedom: When it comes about removing physical classroom, then the development of social skills are important factors to consider but for students with social anxiety learning becomes easier as they will have freedom.

• Accelerated learning: With smart class structure it is possible for gifted students to have more control of their studies without making the whole class wait till they catch up.

Digital Teacher Smart Classroom Solution
Digital Teacher Smart Classroom Solution

Therefore, it is found that the benefits of the smart classroom are able to address some of the key issues of a physical classroom. In the process, smart learning numerous programs are created for transcending the limitation of time and space. The inclusion of NCERT syllabus helps the students of both rural and urban schools. Along with that, it facilitates self-directed learning, time management, and technology literacy. Smart learning is expanding all across the world and making the students, educators, and policymakers realize its vast benefits irrespective of time and place.

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