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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Teacher is Copyright protected software of Code and Pixels Interactive Technologies Private Limited Digital teacher offers Smart Classroom solutions and English Language Lab

Approximately 7500 schools in Andrapradesh and Telangana are using Digital Teacher Smart classrooms. More than 1000 schools having CBSE syllabi are using Digital Teacher other than AP and TS.

Digital Teacher Smart Classroom and English language lab cost depends on the number of systems that the software is going to be installed. A school may have a single projector or multiple projectors. Cost depends on how many systems the software is installed.

All the subjects i.e. Mathematics, Biology, Physical science, English, Social studies, etc from classes KG to 10th.

Digital Teacher is an Animated smart classroom solution having English as Voice over. Neutral English so that every student can understand easily.

The explanation is done using very simple English with detailed explanations so that average students also can comprehend properly.

Digital Teacher has 2 modes. Offline and Online. Offline schools can use either USB or installation to use Digital teacher. Digital Teacher canvas is an online mode of software.

USB and Installation can be used in WINDOWS-based operating systems. Whereas online mode can be used in All operating systems i.e. Windows, Android, Apple, etc. A good internet connection is required for the device. (Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Mobile phone, Smart TV, etc)

Yes. The digital teacher has every experiment covered using high-end graphics and animations with detailed explanations.

Digital teacher software gives full control to the user. Users can use Play/Pause, Next/Previous, Mute, Search, Index, Bookmark, Menu, and Seek bar to navigate the software.

Digital Teacher covers 100 % syllabus and matches 100% with Telangana and Andhra Pradesh board syllabus.

Digital Teacher GUI ( Graphic user interface) is very simple to use and any person with very basic knowledge of computer /phone can operate it very easily.

Yes. To listen to Voiceover explanations you need to use speakers. As a teacher, if you want only to use visual animation, then you can mute the software and you can give your explanation too.