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  • Researchers have stated that vocabulary deficiencies are a primary cause of academic failures. Research indicates that low levels of vocabulary can have an impact on reading and therefore, writing.
  • These researchers profess that direct and explicit instruction of a set number of vocabulary words will improve academic success in all content areas.
  • Learning 500 words each year may improve learning by as much as 10 to 30%.
  • Have you ever noticed a film heroine whose mother tongue is not Telugu, speaking Telugu?
Digital teacher english vocabulary builder - A whole school endeavor
  • Similarly collectors, where ever they get posted, learn the local language in a month’s time. How is this possible? What is their secret of their speaking? How do they achieve this?
  • How do they understand the language in just a few months and start talking fluently in a year?
  • Whatever may be the language, vocabulary is very important. If you know 2000 words in any language, you understand what the others are talking. If we have a vocabulary of 5000 words, then we can speak fluently.
  • Knowing the words is not enough. We need to keep using the words while speaking, where ever possible.
  • This Vocabulary Builder tool has 5000 + Words which are used in our day-to-day life and can be used by anyone from a 5 year old kid to a 25 year old person.
English vocabulary builder used for all age people