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Virtual learning systems as a modern solution to educational problems

Virtual learning - Digitalteacher

India is currently undergoing a phase of challenge and change that can either break it or make it. The question that rises from the dust of this war is one of ample significance: how important is the role of education in this conundrum?

To answer it accurately, education is the platform that holds the capacity to revolutionize the concept of India we have known till the date.

Given the controversial political scenario prevailing in the country and the corrupt practices creeping towards the pinnacle, education has moved far away from the reach of the poor.

In such circumstances, the one way the impartiality can be maintained is through virtual learning.

Given below are a few of the many problems that can be combated with the help of smart education and educational software.

Virtual learning - Digitalteacher

  1. Freedom to learn: Smart education does something inexpensive- it gives a student the freedom to learn. Earlier, there used to be a fixed definition of a good student. A child was required to score a certain amount of marks in certain specific subjects to qualify as a student of merit. However, with the onset of smart education, a student is no longer restricted to this boundary. The less fortunate children, too are free to learn whatever they want to. They don’t have to sit in classrooms to qualify as ‘educated’. 
  2. Free education: India puts a heavy price tag on education. As a result, many forego their urge to study. However, smart education and online classes come to the rescue. Some of the best online classes are available for free on various sites and channels. All one needs to do is log in to these to avail the opportunity.
  3. Educational impartiality is restored: Earlier it was seen that the teachers would often favor a few students in terms of percolating added knowledge to just these handful of pupils. They would later go on to succeed based on the sheer propensity of their biased teachers. However, online classes and smart education has shattered those shackles by making some of the best online classes available for free. Impartiality with regards to education has been restored to the way it was always meant to be.

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