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Maths and Science Works Book & Work Sheet? What Do They How They Influence in Learning?

Remember when we were young and studying school, every week our teachers would give us worksheets to write and we loved doing them, but, well turns out the current generation doesn’t like them much and here is why we think worksheets and work books must make a comeback!

  1. Worksheets give us a good revision : Whenever you solve a worksheet, you think and brainstorm about all the topics covered in the class and it gives you a good revision. Without proper revision, we believe that, you’re bound to fail. Revision is absolutely necessary, be it even a small chapter.
  2. Worksheets Serve as a mock test: Many students score less in math just due to lack of practice. But solving worksheets act as a pseudo test and give students the necessary practice to ace their exams.
  3. Worksheets will help you figure out your weak points: When you solve a math worksheet, you tend figure out where you are making mistakes and lack grip over the subject. Thus, solving worksheets will help you get a clear idea of your weak points so that you can work on them and score well in the final exams.
  4. Worksheets give you confidence: When you solve a worksheet without making any mistakes, you know where you stand and can feel proud about it. Worksheets act as a measuring gauge for your knowledge over a particular topic.
  5. Workbooks act like an archive of worksheets all at one place and you can easily refer to all the problems you have solved by just flipping through a few pages.

There are many online websites that will give you worksheets within just a few clicks and we highly recommend that you start practicing your worksheets and workbooks now!

If you’re finding it difficult to understand the basic concepts and are unable to solve the worksheets, we recommend you to take a look at our e-learning portal or for all your NCERT lessons. Digital teacher will help you in understanding basic concepts very well and you will be able to visualize learned concepts very well.

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