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Impact of Virtual Learning on Modern India

Virtual Learning - Digital Teacher

Progressive Young India finds an alternative in virtual learning and substantially so for the prevailing education system does not have the infrastructure to accommodate the 39 percent children of the 1.21 billion people walking on this soil. The impact of online classes is estimated to be massive if implemented properly.

The impact of virtual learning must start from the grassroots. In a poverty-oriented country like India, not all families are privileged enough to send their children to a proper school. Most families in our country cannot afford a proper education for their children. However, it is to be noted that most of the youngsters, irrespective of their status and family backgrounds do in fact carry a smartphone furbished with internet connectivity. All they really need is awareness and guidance from the learned people of the society. Internet connectivity facilitates virtual learning. Of course, we are keeping aside the prospects of smart classrooms in this case. Although availing the opportunities of smart classrooms will still be out of the range for many of the said youngsters, free online classes that are easily available all over the internet will suffice for the ones who cannot pay to attend these classes.

Virtual Learning - Digital Teacher


This in itself is a revolution that is much required for the healthy development of the present and upcoming generations. Smart education is a concept more than an activity. It is wrongfully propagated that smart education can be attained only by the ones with fortunate backgrounds. It is, in fact, the opposite of this belief. Smart education is, in a way, ‘smart’ because of its impartial infrastructure. If the educational software is made available online free of cost, it can largely benefit the entire country. Education will then be truly digitized.

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